About Canandaigua Driving School


At Canandaigua Driving School (CDS), our goal is to teach students to be better, safer drivers, through instruction and training.

The #1 cause of teen deaths (both nationally and locally) is automobile accidents. They can change lives’ and families’ indefinitely. Canandaigua School is dedicated to helping lower this heartbreaking statistic.

We don’t just stop at instructing first-time student drivers. We also offer programs for adult drivers who are looking to brush up on their skills or are perusing their driver’s license.

Our cars are held to the highest standard of safe, comfortable, clean and reliable for each and every driver. Their size enables easy maneuverability while getting used to operating a vehicle. Learn to drive in the air-conditioned comfort of the safest possible vehicle.

All students at the Canandaigua Driving School will receive personal one-on-one instruction directly with one of our qualified instructors. You can count on direct results in a caring and encouraging environment.

With safety as our first priority, the Canandaigua Driving School has been teaching first-time students to drive for the past seven years. You can rest assured that our qualified instructors will teach your son or daughter to become the safest driver possible when they get behind the wheel.