Commercial License Training

Canandaigua Driving School

Become a Safe, Confident Driver as you prepare for an exciting career.

Full class overview

Canandaigua Driving School offers a variety of CDL Programs all designed to prepare the student with the knowledge and skills for success as entry level drivers. The student will be taught the skills, traits, and behaviors that characterize a true professional. Training is provided for through highly structured courses which stresses safety. ALL on-road behind-the-wheel training is provided through one-on-one instructions between the instructor and student. This insures the student receives the individual attention and instructions necessary for success.

Our courses stress safety. You’ll learn everything you need to know to operate a commercial vehicle confidently.

Some subjects covered include:

– Preparation for Learner’s Permit Test
– Vehicle Operation
– Shifting
– Backing
– Coupling and Uncoupling
– Speed & Space Management
– Air Brakes
– Hours of Service
– Trip Planning
– Visual Search
– City / Rural Driving
– Manual and Automatic Transmissions
– Road Test Preparation


We offer a variety of CDL Courses. All are designed and taught with the individual in mind.

– Class A CDL
– Class B CDL
– CDL Refresher Courses
– CDL Upgrade Course (B to A)
– CDL Road Test
– Complete Overview List of CDL Courses